I like books, food, and people who transform into supernatural creatures.

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There is nothing as jarring as a vaguely British dude narrating a documentary about rap rivalries.


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You know what would be super cool? Emotional stability.

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sourwolves said: incredibly long crosscountry train ride AU


"Excuse me, uh, is this seat taken?"

Derek looks up from over the top of his book, tries not to scowl at the extremely attractive young man blinking at him expectantly. He’d been hoping for a quiet eight hours, not to be dealing with a constant desire to jump somebody all the way home.

"No," he says flatly. "But, I’ve been told I snore when I inevitably fall asleep."

The man laughs, juts his chin at Derek’s book, “I would, too, if I was reading Kafka.”

Derek arches an eyebrow, considers the cover of The Castle, “It’s… It’s a classic.”

"Sure," the guy shoves his bag above Derek’s head. Derek tries and fails not to let his gaze be drawn to where his t-shirt rides up and reveals sharp hipbones and dark trail of hair leading down into his pants. Derek clears his throat, cursing himself and re-opens his book. 

"It’s most entertaining," he insists. 

"You keep telling yourself that," the guy winks at him as he settles in, tugs out a large pair of headphones. “I tried to read The Metamorphosis once, gave up and now I use it to prop up a photo frame.”

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Marina and the Diamonds makes everything better.


Dick Van Dyke taking a mini dance break while shopping (x)

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Actual 5 year old, Lana Parrilla. x x

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female actors getting pissed off at sexist interview questions is my new favourite thing



tina and amy’s faces omg


and cate blanchett calling out the cameraman on the full body pan 




#AskHerMore on the Red Carpet!!